May 31Liked by Soft. Simple. Still

Sunshine naps fill me to the brim. I love cozying into the suns embrace while listening with all the sounds of Natures symphony. All the buzzing vibrations of pollinating friends, the gentle call of birdsong, the trees dancing with the wind. I love smelling the warmth of the sun touching plants around me, feeling pitter pattering paws walk past me as the pups find their napping spots. Embodied Reception, engaging my Wholeness in sensory receptivity with the request of peaceful replenishment. I feel myself drift into the liminal as dreams begin to reveal through my consciousness. Wisps of guidance arrive in imprinted messages. And sometimes after only a few moments of this sweetness, I rise awake and feel fully nourished.

Other times, a whole day is required to fill my depths. And more often, its something in between. 🌬🌀

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