My name is Sam (Samantha Corrie - to be official!)

I am a Gardener and Storyteller of the Soul who weaves shamanism, story-telling, soul retrieval and spiritual mentoring with the wisdom of the changing seasons and moon cycles (life, death and rebirth) to create a gentle and profound space for healing, alchemical change and transformation. You may like to view my website here.

More than this, I am a Mumma to my twins.

You will note in my writings that I am a lover of nature, particularly the ocean, and a self confessed tea-a holic! I do hope to share many a cuppa with you!

For so long we run away. We hide. We get distracted. We fall. We achieve. We climb higher and higher. We dig deeper and deeper. We run away. We fall prey to a life that isn't ours.

We do and do and do...

and then somewhere in the mist of all of that chaos we decide to stop doing...
and we listen...
and usually - not always - the listening comes because the little voice in our heart yells so loudly that we fall hard. Dis-ease, illness, pain - they're just some of the ways we fall.

So then we have no other choice than to listen…

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I am passionate about helping folk LISTEN, FEEL, LOVE and BECOME who they are meant to be by accessing the ancient wisdom that lives deeply within, so that you become your own Wise One, Medicine Person, Shaman and Healer

And when you do that, you come home


Through storytelling we heal. May you find my stories open doors within that can soothe your heart helping you to create a softer, simpler life. Thank you for subscribing.

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I really look forward to connecting with you.

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In honour of your journey.

I look forward to connecting again soon.

Sam x

Ps/ You can also contact me personally on sam@samanthacorrie.com.au or you can pour yourself a cuppa and browse my website here.

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Weekly gentle writings that land softly upon your heart like exquisite butterflies...offering you profound moments of self healing, stillness and simplicity. Earth based wisdom. Self healing. Mindfulness. Simple living. Welcome to my community.


Soft. Simple. Still

Gentle writings that land softly upon your heart like exquisite butterflies, offering you simple moments of softness and stillness. Simple living. Nature lover. Mumma. Earth based wisdom.